Why Moms Should Consider Becoming a Travel Agent on the Sideline

Most moms are looking for a way to earn some extra cash on the sideline so they can cover added expenses, afford more holiday breaks or crawl out of debt.  And thanks to the internet and the availability of freelance jobs, most moms are making a terrific success out of their sideline businesses or sideline jobs.  One of the best jobs that moms should consider starting on the sideline is a freelance home based travel agent job.  You can use your free time to plan trips business men and women, large corporate firms, sports teams and holiday enthusiasts and earn a terrific extra income from commission or perhaps even go and see the world for yourself by escorting some of your groups on the trips.

How to Become a Travel Agent

Top reasons to become a freelance travel agent

There are plenty of terrific reasons why you should give this exciting sideline job a try but the top three reasons are;

Earn extra money – You can earn a lot of extra cash by spending a few extra hours a day on planning trips for others.

Go from travel agent to travel agency – If you can make a success out of being travel agent then you can probably make a huge success out of turning your travel job into a travel company.  By starting out as a travel agent you will gain valuable experience and make some terrific contacts for your company.

Spend more time with your children – A job as a travel agent is a great backup for in case you lose your job and if you can turn your job into a company you can start working from home permanently and be there for your children whenever they are ill or whenever they are in need of a bit of extra time.

How to get started

Get qualified – Qualifications aren’t compulsory for any freelance job these days but is a must if you want to be successful because you will know the right steps to take towards planning trips and you will be more accredited so more clients will be willing to hire you.

Get experienced – Working in a traveling agency is a terrific way to learn how to plan foreign trips and how to make arrangements for others.  You will also learn how to find the best discounted rates for accommodation and more.

Make contacts – Your contacts is what is going to be making the difference between making good commission and making a loss on the trips.  One of the best contacts that you can check out right now for starting out as a travel agent is discountmyflights.com.  On DiscountMyFlights you can locate all of the cheapest flights on all of the best airlines, make small or bulk bookings and calculate your client’s travel prices easily and comfortably. DiscountMyFlights has destinations all over the world and is an absolute must if you want to make a success out of your sideline job.  You should also get accounted with all of the best transportation agencies, accommodation companies and more so you can get the best discounts and make a greater profit out of each and every trip you plan.

Start marketing yourself – Marketing is key when it comes to becoming a successful travel agent.  You can market your skills at large firms and to the public so you can get as many clients as possible.