Are You a Single Mom Blogger? Here’s How to Reach Out to Your Audience

Being a blogger is hard work on its own, but taking it on while being a single mom can see almost impossible. You have to divide your time between your work and taking care of your kids, which is no easy feat. And a successful blog means you need to continuously create new content and work to expand your audience.

But reaching out to a wider group of readers doesn’t have to be an exercise in futility, and it doesn’t even have to cost you much money. If you want to get the word out about your blog, here are some easy ways to get connected with current and potential readers.

Are You a Single Mom Blogger? Here’s How to Reach Out to Your Audience

Start with Social Media

Social media can be a blogger’s best friend. You can keep readers updated on new content, and increase the likelihood that you will be found through keyword searches on major search engines. And the best part is, creating a profile is normally free. That means you can speak to a wider audience without having to spend anything.

Normally, social media platforms encourage users to share information they find interesting. So, if you create quality content, your current readers will likely share your posts with other members of your network. This is the digital equivalent of the standard word-of-mouth marketing approach, which can be quite effective all on its own.

Some social media platforms also offer ad options for a fee. This allows you to place ads designed to target a specific demographic and is based on the same social media platform on which your page resides. If you have a little money to invest, it may be an option worth exploring, but maintaining a page comes at no cost, so don’t feel pressured to use the service simply because you have a page on the site.

Connect with Other Bloggers

Bloggers who talk about similar topics often see themselves as members of a larger community. Making an effort to get to know others who write in a similar area can ultimately give you access to their network. Take some time to get to know other bloggers, and show them your support by sharing and linking to their posts. Often, they will return the favor without having to be asked.

Once you form stronger connections, you can even look for more overt opportunities to connect. For example, you can exchange guest posts on each other’s sites, or work together to host a fun giveaway. Since bloggers generally trade in information, there is rarely a sense of competition even between people who write about the same thing. Working together often provides mutual benefit, so consider seeing who else may be able to help you on your journey, just be sure to help them in kind.

Consider Text Marketing

If visitors to your site are open to receiving text messages from you, then text marketing might be the right choice for you. You can include information about new posts or give followers a heads up about upcoming events. Since most people keep a cell phone with them practically at all times, then it is an easy way to reach out to readers regardless of their current location.