Dealing With Kids’ Acne

One of the things that kids have to deal with is developing acne as they slowly progress to becoming teenagers. It is already normal that kids are going to experience a bit of acne but there are some whose cases are more severe than most. Despite the fact that acne is considered normal, kids cannot help but become affected because they are starting to care about their looks. They may also get teased by their peers. Getting acne for them is something that they consider to be bad. As a mom, what you can do is make sure that your kids will be able to deal with acne effectively. You may not be able to remove the acne totally from their faces but you can help make acne less annoying for your kids.

Dealing With Kids’ Acne

Here are some of the things that you can do to help your kids deal with their acne:

  1. Teach your kids proper skin care. Aside from skin care, you also need to make sure that your kids are concerned about their hygiene. You should let them understand why it is important to wash and shampoo hair from time to time and why taking a shower is a must every day. You can tell them in simple terms how acne can form on skin that has been laden with oil and dirt.
  2. The normal tendency of your children when they start to see acne on their faces is they attempt to squeeze the acne but doing this will only aggravate their skin’s condition. Aside from possibly spreading the bacteria to other parts of their faces and bodies, they may leave a mark on the skin that will be harder to remove in the long run.
  3. Let your children know the importance of proper nutrition. Even adults are not aware of this. Due to the food that people eat, their skin becomes affected in the process. This is the reason why people who normally eat a lot of greasy food usually have problematic skin.
  4. Get to know how your children are coping with the situation. There are some children who would be able to work with the situation and just do things dutifully in order to improve their skin but there are also some children who will start to feel withdrawn and sad because of their situation. Let your children know that you are there for them no matter what their current situation is and do your best not to aggravate the situation.

You have to remember that there is no quick way that you can reduce the acne even if you truly want to. Remember that if your children are still young, you are not recommended to use creams that are full of harsh chemicals because this may hurt the skin of your children further. Some kids develop skin conditions like eczema because of using the wrong products. On top of searching for a cure for acne, you may find yourself searching for the best eczema cream as well.

Why Every Mother Should Try Emu Oil

By now you have probably seen hundreds of bird documentaries where all birds and especially water loving birds like ducks spend so much time in oiling their feathers.  Birds secrete unique oil that moistens their skins to prevent rashes, diseases and itching.  The oil is also used to seal off their feathers so they can stay dry during the winter times or when they are floating on water.  Emu birds secrete unique oil that has some fantastic benefits to humans who suffer with skin conditions.  If you have a stack of oils and moisturizers that simply don’t work then it is time to give Emu oil a try.

What exactly is Emu oil?

Emu oil is extracted from the Emu specie.  Emu oil can vary widely in color and viscosity.  The oil varies from off white and creamy to a thin yellow liquid depending on the diet of the bird and is composed of mostly fatty acids.  Emu oil is great for human use because it omega 9 fatty acid, omega 6 fatty acid and omega 3 fatty acid all of which are excellent for the skin.

Why Every Mother Should Try Emu Oil

Emu oil uses

Emu oil is used to nourish the skin because it has soothing capabilities and works great for anti-inflammatory purposes.  The oil is available in many forms such as moisturizers, elixir and hair treatments. Basically Emu oil heals, soothes and nourishes the skin in a way few other skin products can.

Emu oil for kids

Emu oil is completely natural and can be consumed internally and externally by babies and children.  There are many skin problems that can be treated with Emu oil such as;

Nappy rash – Nappy rash is often caused by urine and fecal burns.

Eczema – Eczema is common in children and can be terribly painful.

Cradle cap – Excessive production of sebum causes brownish or yellowish scales on children’s heads or faces.

Sore and swollen gums – Gums usually swell when teeth are starting to push through the gums.

Burns – Burns are terribly painful and can leave bad scarring.

All these conditions can be treated with Emu oil thanks to the anti-inflammatory and soothing capabilities.  Emu oil is much safer and more effective than any other product because it contains no harmful toxins or chemicals that often have so many side effects.

Emu oil for adults

Adults with problem skin or hair can also benefit greatly from Emu oil because the oil works great as a moisturizer to help soothe dry skin and the oil absorbs much deeper into your skin than other products.  Emu oil will also help moisten your hair without leaving it too oily and shiny.

Where to buy

If you were wondering “Where can I buy Emu oil?”  Then look no further.  This fantastic and natural product is available online and can be delivered to your doorstep for great convenience.  You can simply order online from your tab or phone from the comfort of your couch and at any time convenient to you.  Emu oil can help rescue your family where so many other products failed you.