Best Hawaii Kai Spa Deals Especially For Moms

Moms need spa from time to time- spa deals in Hawaii Kai and mommies go hand in hand (and this is not applicable just for Mother’s Day). There are many mom-friendly spa deals around Hawaii Kai spas, which moms could avail of. Here we describe the best ones:

Mommy Wednesdays- This deal is available at the top Hawaii Kai spa every Wednesday (duh!) for mothers and grandmothers. Two 50-minute spa services will earn one special discounts on their special Brazilian Wax treatment. Also one gets access to the healing waters of Hoola Spa which will be offered on discounted price.

Massage therapies at Hoola spa Maui – The use of coconut oils by the talented therapists at Hoola spa help nourish and moisturize one’s tired and fatigued body. You have various choices in this: opt for the Hawaiian Lomi lomi massage or the classic Swedish massage or go in for the Reflexology treatment.

Pre-natal massage– This gentle therapy lasts for 50 minutes and the massage Hawaii Kai packages start from $135. If you have been experiencing back aches, edema, fatigue etc owing to pregnancy, soothe them all away with this relaxing prenatal therapy. Talk to your doctor prior to opting for Hawaii Kai spa therapies.

spa deals for mom

Unique salt spa room– Himalayan salt crystals are very healing and the salt room at Hawaii Kai spa infuses negative ions that promote health and well being. Breathing these ions can improve a variety of skin conditions like dryness, eczema etc. Today, many doctors in Europe are known to prescribe this therapy to patients looking to detoxify from effects of day-to-day toxins, pollutants etc.

Just-before-the beach Maui therapy– Hawaii Kai spas also offer fantastic treatments for protecting the skin from the harsh sun of Maui Island. If you are planning on spending a day at the beach, go in for this sunscreen therapy first. Warm towel therapy is first given to you to help soothe inflamed sinuses, relax neck and head pressure points and ease stressed and tensed shoulders. This is followed by relaxing foot massage therapy or reflexology therapy. You could also choose the intensive head and neck therapy, a treatment that every sufferer of chronic head and neck pain, must opt for. This is a 25 minute therapy costing only $75 at the Hawaii Kai spa. Both therapies could be followed by the sunscreen therapy so that you are free to enjoy your day at the beach. 20 minute session combined with a short foot massage will cost you $60- a deal available only at the Hawaii Kai spa.

Hawaii Kai spa organic body treatments– These treatments are exclusive to the Hawaii Kai spa deals and they use premium products from Malie organics. You can opt for the sea salt glow-25 minutes cost $85 or the full body Hawaiian sugar polish. Choose between Mango Nectar or Coconut Vanilla polishes- sound delicious don’t they? Third option in the full body polish is a warm exfoliation-something no mommies have the luxury to do on a daily basis back at home- followed by detoxifying warm body mask. Wrap yourself in this blend of unique seaweed and clay to remove dirt accumulated over the years.

We are sure these treatments sound heavenly to busy mommies. At the prices described, these Hawaii Kai spa deals are definitely a steal and one must try them!