How Moms Can Become Lawyers

Just because you are a mom now does not mean that this is the end of your career or the possibilities for a career at all.  There are plenty of teen moms who continue to pass matric with a baby on the hip and continue their studies with a bit of support from their parents.  There is no excuse or reason why you cannot further your studies now that you are a mom.  You and your family might suffer for a while on the new and tight schedule and budget that your studies brings but in the end it will be worth it when you are finally able to send your kids to university so they can also achieve greatness in their lives.

How Moms Can Become Lawyers

Why moms should consider a job as a lawyer

Money – The biggest reason for becoming a lawyer is the rewarding salary that they earn.  With your income you could afford your own home, send your kids to extracurricular activities, buy them a vehicle when the time comes and send them to university.

Personal achievement – Nobody messes with a lawyer.  If you are a lawyer you will know exactly how to get your kids out of a tight situation.  You will also feel much better about your rewarding and sought after career.

Gain experience while you study – There are plenty of lawyer firms who will employ student lawyers as office assistants in their firms to help them gain field experience while they study. You can start learning the ropes so you can ease into your lawyer career much easier when you qualify.

Draw some inspiration from the best

It is good for you to find some inspiration from lawyers who made it big and to follow in their footsteps.  If you are looking for someone to inspire your efforts and studies then you can have a look at Martin Chittwood.  He studied at the University of Georgia and obtained his master’s degree in 1976.   Chitwood then went on to become a lawyer in the law and politics section.  His popularity and career quickly developed and started his own law practice alongside other partners.  Today Chitwood is helping to develop the security and antitrust litigation laws and authored several works on the subject.

Qualifications for becoming a lawyer

Sadly, there is no quick and easy route to becoming a lawyer and single moms might find it tough to cope financially while they are studying.  But in the end, your sacrifice will definitely be rewarded.

Bachelor’s degree – Before you will be allowed into law school, you will have to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Law school test – You will have to take an admission test to see if you have the needed skill.

J.D. degree – Law school lasts about three years after which you will obtain your J.D. degree

Clerkship – Most students start on their clerkship during studies as a part time job to gain experience from law firms

State bar exam – You will have to pass the state bar examination before you will be able to practice law in the United States