Tools no single mom should go without

As a single mom you are the one taking care of everything all the time. There are a few essential items that are well worth investing in to make it a lot easier to handle the daily tasks you set out for yourself. There is no reason why single moms should be excluded from the DIY group and it is great to see moms grabbing a drill and mounting that new painting by herself.  There are many tools and items that are pretty easy to use and with practice any mom can take care of her home emergencies by herself. Click here to learn more about easy DIY jobs.

Tools no single mom should go without


The picture fell off the wall, no problem! Grab that drill and put it back up. It isn’t rocket science to use a drill and get something mounted in no time at all. As a tool with many functions like mounting or dismounting something you will be quite capable of handling this every day task with no effort.


Moms, get a ladder, chances are you are going to need one. If your little one tosses the Frisbee or ball on the roof you need to make sure can safely use a ladder to get it back. Keep the ladder at home and use it rather than getting on a dangerous stack of books or a rickety table that might cause you to fall.


Don’t settle for a cheap flashlight. There is nothing worse than being stuck in the dark while looking for candles or the generator switch and the flashlight stops working. Invest in a good and heavy duty LED flashlight which will make sure that you are never caught in the dark.


Moms, invest in a generator. With storms, energy saving and other occurrences there will always be those times where you have no lights or electricity. Invest in a good generator that will help your household to run smoothly even if you have no power. Make sure to take a look at The Tool Report’s generator reviews to find the best information on generators. Choosing the right one is imperative and will take away the headache of candles and having to buy takeaways because you cannot cook.

Ten in one screwdriver

This nifty tool will give you all the functions you need and will help remove any screw you need to remove. There is always an occasion in everyone’s life where they find themselves rummaging through drawers looking for the right screwdriver. You will be able to fit any size screw with a ten in one.

Long enough extension cord

An extension cord is necessary for any DIY job so make sure you purchase one that can reach at least 20 meters. You will also need a long extension cord for your new generator. It is a regular and common problem to not reach outlets when doing a drill or machine job. The cords are usually too short. Cater for this by purchasing the right length extension cord. Read more about how generators work.