Tips You Can Use When Traveling to Singapore with Kids

As a country, Singapore has virtually everything that should make it worthy of visitation, being a hub for commerce, food, shopping and shipping. So if you are not traveling to this island nation for business, you can visit for a variety of other reasons. This city-state makes for a great place to visit with kids, given the fact that it is safe, organized and neat. Here are ideas you can use to have a great experience when traveling to the country with kids.

traveling with kids in Singapore

Planning Your Trip

It is a good thing to have your trip well laid out before embarking on it so as to ensure you have the best of time. This is where travel management is very essential, especially if there is a corporate travel side to your trip. You should ideally start your planning early enough to take advantage of friendly fares. Bookings should be made ahead of time to avoid arriving at your destination only to discover there is no free space, with you then dragging your tired kids around while looking for where to lay your heads or do other things.

Some Places to Visit with Kids

Night Safari

This is a must-see place when traveling to Singapore with kids. In fact, any list of places to visit in the country without Night Safari included is incomplete. This is probably the only place in the world where you can watch animals in the night. You are taken around the park of more than 1000 animals on a tram ride, during which you get to see animals that only come out at night in their natural habitats. Narration is also provided during the course of this ride. About 30% of these animals are endangered species.

Singapore Zoo

You are properly saying to yourself right now that your children have been to enough zoos already. But it must be said that the Singapore Zoo is not just your average zoo. This place boasts a beautiful landscape and a wide variety of animals. What your children may find more exciting is how close they can get to these animals. The Singapore Zoo’s primate collection is quite large – this is understandable given the fact that the country has two leading habitats for orangutans, Borneo and Sumatra, in its proximity. Shows and elephant rides are part of the fun activities provided.

Sentosa Island

A leading pleasure park in Singapore, Sentosa Island is a must-visit when traveling to this Asian nation. This is where to head if you and your children love water-related activities.  The island plays host to the largest aquarium in Asia known as Underwater World, which brings you up close to dolphins, sharks and a wide variety of tropical fishes. You may as well visit Universal Studios Singapore, Volcano Land and the water park, Fantasy Land, as well as nearby beaches for an exciting time.

Jurong Bird Park

If your children are into bird watching, Jurong Bird Park is another place you want to check out when visiting Singapore. Covering an expansive land area, this park is home to several thousands of birds spanning around 600 species. Waterfall Aviary, the African Wetlands and Bird Discovery Centre are some of the major attractions in Jurong Bird Park. Part of entrance fees paid goes toward protecting birds.

Enough fun definitely awaits you when traveling to Singapore with kids. Besides, these are only a few of the many exciting places you can check out while there.