Treadmill Running Tips for Moms

For every mom that desires to stay fit and in shape, running offers a very easy means of achieving those aims. There are several benefits of running that have been widely proven. In addition, running just 5 minutes a day, research has shown, can help to greatly reduce the risk of premature death. And availability of treadmills has virtually eliminated all excuses for moms who may want to give inclement weather or unsafe neighborhoods as reasons for not engaging in running outdoors. Presented here are some tips you can use when thinking of using a treadmill as your own means of tapping into running benefits.

treadmill tips for moms

 Get the right clothing and shoes

Sweating cannot be isolated from physical exercise. There are some people who sweat profusely even from mere walking. It is, therefore, important to ensure you have appropriate clothing on. Put on a body fit T-shirt and nice shorts that will not constitute hindrance when you start to sweat. You may also want to consider putting on a pair of sweatbands and have a towel at hand to deal with sweat. The running shoes you use should be of the right quality, able to absorb impact efficiently. A pair of lighter-than-regular shoes may be advised in the light of the softer nature of a treadmill belt compared to concrete.

Warm up

Experts advise that people warm up before engaging in vigorous exercise such as running. This helps to keep your body in tune for your workout. Stretching is recommended as this improves your range of motion and flexibility, helping to avoid injuries in the course of the activity.

Alternate walking and running initially

If it happens that you have not been exercising for a long while, it is not advisable to just jump on a treadmill and start running. You are very likely not in the right condition to cope with such. The recommended thing in this case will be to alternate between running and walking in the early stage. You start by walking for, say, three minutes before advancing to jogging. Return to walking after jogging for about three minutes. This will help to condition your body for continuous running.

Get your steps right

It is often a completely strange experience for those using a treadmill for the first time. This is in the light of the fact that it is the ground moving while running, not you. It is important for you to get your strides right. A good way to do this is by imagining a wall few inches away from you. This will help you curtail your strides to guard against hitting the imaginary wall. A recommendation is to place your feet directly below your hips.

Ensure adequate ventilation and hydration

Treadmills are commonly found indoors, where the conditions may be warm. This will increase the amount of sweat your body produces. This sweat is not properly evaporated due to indoor condition. It is helpful to have a fan nearby to reduce the heat. You should also have a bottle of water to hand to keep you well-hydrated.

With home gym and fitness equipment such as treadmills available, many moms are thus deprived of tenable reasons for not staying fit and in shape. The benefits of running go beyond the physical to the psychological, as it helps in boosting confidence and fighting depression.