Tips for the Mother of the Bride

You never thought that time would pass by so fast but now you are the mother of the bride and you are a bit lost about the things that you should do. Wedding planning as you know is not only a big deal for the couple who is about to get married. It is a big deal for you as well. You should know your place as a mother. You cannot go overboard and do the planning on your own because it is not your wedding.

You should at least know what issues you should talk about with the couple beforehand. For example, you should talk about money. It is common that the family of the couple will contribute a certain amount of money for the wedding. The couple will still shell out a bit of money but make sure that you will at least offer to finance some of the things that they need for the wedding. It can be your gift to your daughter and to her future husband.

Tips for the Mother of the Bride

Other issues that you should pay attention to are the following:

  • Make sure that you know your part in the wedding.

It is only common that your daughter will ask for your opinion about the different aspects of the wedding but do not expect that you are going to make the decision on your own. You can give suggestions but the decisions will still be up to the couple. Do not feel bad if they do not go with what you have suggested.

  • Find the right clothing to wear.

You are not just one of the guests when it comes to your daughter’s wedding. You need to follow some tips so that you will truly look like the mother of the bride. First, follow the theme and the formality of the wedding. You may need to purchase new clothes and shoes if you do not have anything that fits. You may also need to get in touch with the mother of the groom if you have to coordinate your outfits. You can always ask your daughter what type of clothing you should wear.

  • Discuss the guest list.

You may be tempted to invite all of your relatives and some of your friends because you are proud of your daughter and you would like to show her off but it will not be practical and besides, your daughter and her husband-to-be should be in charge of making the guest list. Once again, you can give suggestions but you cannot expect them to do exactly what you have stated.

  • Be of help whenever you are needed.

There will be days when your daughter would need help. This is the time when you can be available. If you have to contact the florist or if you want to find some wedding photographers like Northampton Wedding Photographers, you can make a short list and give it to your daughter so she can decide on her own.

Remember that as a mother, what you can do is to help relieve the stress of planning the wedding. You are not supposed to make it more stressful for your daughter because this is one of the most important days of her life.