5 Steps to Kick Start Your Own Mom Blog 

No sooner did you hold your first child in your arms than your world had started changing altogether.  For single mothers like you, juggling responsibility of children single-handedly is a challenge in its own. Many women feel the need of sharing these experiences with a community of like-minded people. That is where Parenting Blogs have gained traction in the World Wide Web. Sharing your stories with an internet community is great pastime and immense stress relief from motherhood duties.  However, as impossible as it sounds-mothers like you earn as much as $50 per blog posts sitting at home!

If the prospect of a mom blog sounds appealing, look no further. We have compiled some tips just for you to kick start your motherhood blog.

Set Up your Blog Site

The quickest option is to open a free account in Blogger, WordPress etc. and just start writing. These free sites, however, do not attract much traffic. Hence, seek help from professional website designers and web hosting services to set up your blog.

An excellent solution for first timers is setting up a free site on Wix.com which is HTML5 customizable, mobile friendly, supports nine different languages, customizable widgets and of course, secure web hosting. Check out a wix website review or two for more on this matter.


Write Quality Content

Of course you can share your personal anecdotes but it is important for your readers to feel a connection.

Address them in your writing, ask open-ended questions, encourage them to share recipes after you have shared one etc. Also, provide tips, DIY tricks and friendly advice that they can benefit from. Try to reply to everyone’s comments and offer help if they ask for it.

Advice and DIY posts are called ‘service’ posts, which are valuable to famous parenting magazines. Your content may be featured in one of them and it might pay you as much as $2 per word if you get the hang of it.


Spread the Word

Opening some social media pages and accounts for your blog is a great way to increase audience. Whenever you post new content, write a little something on your blog’s Facebook page and share your post’s link with it. Keep the page alive with content other than blog posts;  such as giveaways, contests and even comment wars!


Increase Web Traffic

To make your post appear on top of searches, repeat the name of your topic several times in your content (e.g. baby stroller, baby food etc.) initially, then do some internet research on how to Search Engine Optimize your blog.


Target Other Markets

Instead of sitting around for parenting magazines to buy content from you, you can also approach more open-ended lifestyle, health and beauty magazines. For example, your post on baby’s nutritious diet chart is also relevant to health and lifestyle portals. Seek out such websites and build correspondence with them.


If you would like to take your mom-blogging prowess a step further, read the following article for some bang-on-the-buck advice-