10 Best Work-at-Home Ideas for Moms

If you’re tired about hustling to a workplace every day and balancing your time for your work and family, then it’s time to try some other possibilities. In this age, opportunities are almost everywhere. In fact, you can find them even you’re just at the comfort of your home. According to Forrester Research, about 34 million people work from their home as of 2011, and that number is expected to double in 2016. As the economy improves and the world becomes more advanced, companies will be looking for additional staff. If you’re ready to try something else, then you may want to check out these home-based opportunities:

  1. home based jobBlogging/Writing. Do you love writing? Make money by writing posts online, either for your own website or for company blogs. Not only will this help you earn extra income but it will definitely help you expand your wisdom.
  1. Affiliate Marketing. If you want more long-term opportunity, then you may want to try building your own site and promote products with affiliate advertisements. You will earn commission on every product that is purchased through your affiliate link.
  1. Social Media Marketing. With the growing popularity of social media, every company today is looking for a social media manager, who can manage their online presence for them. Of course, you need to be familiar with different social media sites in order to be qualified. But since almost everybody is now knowledgeable in the field, you will need to find a way in order to set yourself apart.
  1. Graphic/Web Designing. If you’re a techie person, and love to work on art projects, such as magazines, logos, brochures, greeting cards, and book covers, then graphic designing is the perfect option for you.
  1. If you’re expert in a field, for instance, in marketing or accounting, you can also use that to earn online. Today, many companies are looking for consultants, who can help them in a variety of tasks. Look for reputable sites, like Odesk, and find trusted clients who need your expertise and skill.
  1. With more and more companies now considering outsourcing their services to qualified professionals, the demand for work-from-home bookkeepers are substantially growing. If you have a background in accounting and you want to use your specialty to earn without commuting to work, then you may want build your own work-from-home bookkeeping agency.
  1. Online Tutoring. Times have really changed. Now, even teaching can be done by distance learning – with the use of computer. There’s a growing demand now for online tutors, especially in topics like English and Science. If you’re a teacher who is already tired of a typical school schedule, then this can be a great choice.
  1. Translating/Transcribing. If you have good listening skills, great typing speed, and strong grammar and writing ability, then you can work as a transcriptionist. If you know a foreign language, you can be a translator. There are so many companies out there that are looking for translators and transcriptionists. Just be careful though when applying as many scams have popped up online.
  1. Working as a customer service representative. If you’re someone who is good at talking on the phone while on computer, then being a customer service agent can be a great option. Of course, you need to have excellent speaking and listening skills as well as good computer skills to get hired.
  1. Uploading Videos. Many people are now earning by just simply uploading online videos. Of course, pays vary depending on how many people click on your video. The more hits, definitely the more pay. This can simply be done by signing up an account on video sites, like Youtube, and then using your camera to record yourself while explaining what you want to share, for instance, a recipe or your fashion secret.