The best cleaning advice for moms

Cleanliness is godliness is a quote that holds truth in some instances and when we visit our friends we sometimes notice how clean their kitchens and we wonder how they manage to get their tiles that shiny. It is natural to wonder but you don’t necessarily have to ask them with the help of the internet. Here are a few helpful tips that will get everyone wondering how you managed to get that extra shine. You will also notice that the best part about these tips is that it does not require a lot of elbow grease.

The best cleaning advice for moms

Your sink has more germs than the toilet bowl

Ladies, sanitize your sink. You might think that it is clean after a good wipe but unfortunately germs love settling in your sink. It is incredibly important to use the right product and after cleaning your sink properly you can use regular Coke to give your sink a great shine.

Keeping your dishwashing machine clean is easy

Once a week use a bit of baking soda on a sponge and wipe the interior of your machine. By doing this you will eliminate nasty stains and keep the dishwashing machine well maintained with no grime building up

A great hack for shiny shower doors

A drop of lemon oil creates a magical layer on your shower doors which causes water to bead up and run down. Doing this twice a year will eliminate water stains and keep your shower shiny at all times. This process is only required twice a year.

The perfect toilet

A great way to keep your toilet clean you can drop some tang drink mix down the bowl which will eliminate stains and if you leave it in the toilet for a bit you will end up with a truly shiny toilet bowl. Read more about the germs that appear in your toilet. It is a horror story but unfortunately something real and present.

Porcelain tile floors

Porcelain tile floors needs a bit of tender loving care to look their best. Don’t use a mop or hard bristle brush. Instead use a soft nylon brush with some warm water mixed with a safe cleaning product to immediately see the difference. Take a look here for more information.

Proper bed cleaning

Dust mites are one of the biggest horrors that interrupt our dreams. It is horrifying to realize you might be sleeping with thousands of organisms living in your mattress. To avoid this wash and change your bedding weekly and steam clean your bed at least once a week. Dust-mites don’t like a change in temperature so be cruel.

Pick the right broom

The golden rule here is not to use an outdoor hard broom indoors. For laminated flooring, tiles and all indoor flooring use a soft bristled broom that will not damage your floor. Maintenance on flooring and replacement could end up costing a fortune if you don’t do it right. Click here for more information.