The Best Way to Find a Secure Stay in Nanny for Your Home

Life is tough on working moms.  Each and every working mom will have to face numerous occasions where they have to risk their jobs in order to be there for their children when their kids are ill or when they simply cannot find a baby sitter during school holidays. More and more moms and families are starting to look for stay in nannies to help them make home life easier.   When you have a stay in nanny you have someone who will be there for your kids when you cannot get off from work and you will have someone in the house who can help share the load of cleaning, laundry, cooking and other home chores.  There are plenty of young students who are happy to play the part of a nanny in exchange for room accommodations which makes it the perfect win-win situation.

Find only the best stay in nanny

If you are going to trust your children with the new stay in nanny then you need to make sure that she is as secure and safe as possible.  The last thing you need on your hands is a criminal living underneath your roof or a student who simply won’t watch out for your kids.  Https:// is a website where you can apply online to a thorough background and credit check done on all of the possible nannies.  Vertical Rent will scan through thousands of government databases and criminal records to help you ensure that the person you are trusting with your kids doesn’t have a bad background of child abuse or credit abuse against them.  Getting your tenants screened is the ultimate step that you simply cannot skip out on.

The Best Way to Find a Secure Stay in Nanny for Your Home

Interview the nannies

During the interview you can meet up with the possible nannies and see what their personalities are like.  You should also have a questionnaire prepared before the interview in which you enquire about all other living habits such as smoking, friends, off nights, study hours, study breaks and more.  During the interview you also have to listen to your instincts and you could even take the nanny out to the park to see how she interacts with your children before you decide for sure.

Make the rules clear

It is your home and your nanny should be able to follow your rules regarding your home and what is to be expected from the nanny.  If you expect your new nanny to cook and clean for you as well you will have to make it clear from the start and perhaps agree on a salary or free meals to add onto the benefits.

Contracts are always best

A contract can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to terminating the nannies services and is an absolute must even if you are employing the services of a well trusted friend or a family member.  A contract is the easiest way to make your rules and regulations clear to your nanny and protect both you and the new nanny from being exploited.