The Best Way to Hide Spider Veins and Stretch Marks on Your Legs and Tummy

Just because you are a mom does not mean that you do not want to look sexy when summer arrives. Pregnancy has a huge impact on women’s bodies. Most mothers will gain weight during a pregnancy and the extra weight is already terribly emotional to new moms, but at least extra weight can be lost. Other unsightly symptoms like stretch marks and spider veins are basically irreparable. Most women will get terrible stretch marks on their stomachs, breasts, butts, upper thighs and even love handles. Spider veins also become much more apparent during and in some cases even after birth.

Hide Spider Veins and Stretch Marks on Your Legs and Tummy

Permanent restoration

Some women are lucky enough to have good skin that can repair stretch marks by using essential oils and anti-stretch mark lotions. It takes a few months before the scarring is reduced and those who are lucky have no visible signs of the scarring a few years onwards. Spider veins unfortunately are a bit tougher to cure since there is no real remedy that you can use to remove them. The only real way to reduce spider veins is surgically which can be terribly costly.

Tanning for less apparent scarring

People with tanned skin are usually considered lucky because their spider veins and stretch marks are much less apparent. Tanning is also a great way for moms to hide their scarring a bit so they can also look great in a bikini or summer dress.

How to get tanned skin

If you are a working mother then you probably don’t have time for a bit of outdoor tanning. A mystic tan is a great alternative that will give you a great and lasting tanning result and you can do it all at the comfort of your home. The products are specially designed to help you get the most even and greatest tan results possible so you can hide the effects motherhood had on your skin.

Booster – The mystic tan booster should be used along with all tanning bronzers, tanners and spray tans because the product boosts your skin’s PH levels for a better and more lasting result.

Mocha-Kyssed Bronzer Spray – This spray tan is great for a darker and extended tan and will create an overall customized tan look.

Sun-Kyssed Bronzer Spray – Another great spray tan to give you a great sun tanned look instantly. The spray tan is perfect for creating a more even result.

Mocha-Kyssed Bronzer Lotion – If you prefer a lotion then this is definitely the perfect choice for a darker look. The lotion is easily spread and gradually builds a natural darker tan on your skin.

Gradual Tan Lotion – This lotion helps you color your skin naturally day-by-day. The results are much more lasting than spray tans but will take about a week to get great results.

Bronzer stick – This stick is ideal for slimming your cheeks and bones and defining your cleavage so you will look and feel firmer.

Silver and Copper Sparx Finishing spray – A finishing spray is perfect for adding a multi-faceted brilliance to your tan and to help cover certain areas a bit more.

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