Things for moms to do while waiting at the doctor’s waiting room

This could possibly appear as a strange topic for an article but as moms we know how boring it gets to wait for our tots at the doctor’s offices or while they are in therapy. It isn’t very entertaining to watch other mothers trying to keep their little ones under control because everyone knows a sick child is fussy at the best of times. Here are a few creative and fun things moms can do while waiting.

Start a blog

With technology today and a tablet on hand you can easily start a blog just about anywhere. While waiting register on a free site and start a blog which can mainly focus on parenthood or just about any topic that you like for example gardening and cooking. Click here for more information about starting a blog.

Things for moms to do while waiting at the doctor’s waiting room

Plan your week

Use your daily planner or tablet to plan your week ahead. Download one of countless free apps that give you the opportunity to update your calendar and set reminders for your everyday tasks. As a mom you have very little time to do these types of things. Make use of the quiet and organize your week.

Spin to win

Once again having a tablet or Smart Phone will make anything possible while waiting. Take a look at to indulge in some online gambling. You can use Bit Coin as a currency with this site and possibly win a bit of cash or just have fun. This is a great way to shorten the time that you have to wait.

Draw a picture

It doesn’t matter how bad you are at drawing. Your little one will really appreciate a masterpiece done by mommy when they get out of the examination room or when they are done with therapy. Make the most of it and enjoy your artistic skill.

Catch up on your reading

As previously mentioned as a mom you don’t get a lot of time for yourself which means you probably don’t have time to read a book. You can carry 1000’s of books with you on your Kindle or perhaps go old school and take a book with you to read while you wait. Click here to read more about the benefits of reading.

Start a conversation

There are usually many people in a waiting room which gives you the opportunity to start a conversation with other moms or people that might feel as bored as you are. This is the ideal situation to meet new people and perhaps gain a bit of advice when it comes to parenting. Don’t be embarrassed to start the chat with anyone around you. You will easily be able to identify those individuals that aren’t feeling particularly social.

Take a nap

There is nothing wrong with closing your eyes for a few minutes and taking a short cat nap. You might just feel completely refreshed. Enjoy the quiet of the waiting room and tilt your head back to catch forty winks.