Things Moms Are Allowed to Do for Their Daughter’s Wedding

Weddings can be tough on moms.  You feel super excited that your daughter is going to be starting a new life and about the wedding in general and there are always worries and that competitive feeling about the new mother in law.  But you don’t want to intrude or overstep boundaries since you probably know exactly what it feels like when someone else had more say in your wedding than you did.  There is a fine line between advice and trying to force someone to do something they don’t want to do and as a mom, it is your job to make sure that your daughter understands that what you are giving is advice and that she is free to still make her own decisions.

Things Moms Are Allowed to Do for Their Daughter’s Wedding

Advice on the dress

Yes, your daughter has her own unique taste when it comes to wedding dresses but you are still allowed to give her some advice on the dress, just in case she overlooked something.  Lace wedding gowns, for instance, is associated with vintage weddings and recently made a huge comeback and is definitely the in thing right now because brides look much more delicate and feminine in these gorgeous dresses.  If you want your daughter to look like a delicate flower then show her a few lace dresses.  If she is still not interested, then there are still plenty of beautiful dresses out there to choose from.

Help make some invitations

No, you can’t choose the wedding invitations for her.  She will eventually resent you for it and don’t mention the traditional way of wording the wedding invitations to her.  But if your daughter is going to make her own wedding invitations then your help with tying ribbons and cutting papers will be greatly appreciated, and so will some of that hot chocolate that you are so great at making.

Bake the wedding favors

You probably can’t bake the cake unless you are an expert in wedding cakes but wedding favors like sugar cookies or candy bars is something that you probably can do for your daughter.  It could be a great wedding gift or you can simply help her save some money on this expensive venture.

Look for venue locations

It is easy to overlook a grand and affordable wedding location so why not help your daughter out a bit by composing a long and detailed list with quotes on all the available venues from which she can choose.

Seek out photographers

Getting quotes and contact details of multiple photographers can be a great help to your daughter if she has to balance work and wedding planning.


One of the biggest things you as a mom can do for your daughter is to give her support.  Tell her she will be beautiful and that the choices she made is perfect and gorgeous even if you don’t agree with all of them.  It is after all her wedding and in the end, the feel and vibe of the wedding counts for much more than the small details.