Things You Should Have Before Attempting Potty Training

Getting your tot off the diapers is one of the first big challenges that every mother will face.  Some kids are born with a natural potty savvy while others have quite a hard time at potty training.  Most people will tell you to wait until your child show potty ready signs but what most people don’t realize is that the one that really needs to be ready for this big step is the mom.  You have to be determined well before getting started.  Stopping half way between training sessions will only confuse your child and end in disaster.  Before you know it you are looking at temper tantrums at the very mention of a potty and your tot refuses to potty no matter what you do.  If you start – you have to pull through, especially if your child is showing some interest.  It is important to have all the potty goodies you will need for this big step so you won’t be putting your child on halt and confuse him or her in the process.

Things You Should Have Before Attempting Potty Training

Get the right potty seat

Potty seats are way more important than you might think.  Toddlers have a hard time to sit down slowly and can easily get hurt when the potty has steep edges or isn’t sturdy enough.  The potty also has to be easy to clean and easy to move around because your child is way too young to make it all the way to the bathroom on time.  If you want the best results then you should dig a little deeper and find the Best Potty Training Seat for flexibility and stability.

Training pants not pull ups

Nappy pull ups are terrific for keeping your child and your vehicle mess free when on the go but they still have the same effect as nappies which means your child won’t learn while wearing them.  You should invest in a few sets of training pants so your child can feel the accidents and learn from them.

Cleanup kit

Put together a good cleanup kit for at home and for on the go and learn how to clean urine from carpets and more.  At home you can get a mop and bucket ready and perhaps even encourage your child to do his or her own cleaning but on the go you will need some wet wipes, paper towels and a spare set of clothing.

Keep them busy while on the potty

Get a few fun books or quiet time activities that they can enjoy while you encourage them to sit down on the potty for a while.  You should get quite a lot of different activities such as books, toys, electronic gadgets and more or your child will get bored and annoyed.

Some fun potty rewards

Every good deed deserves a reward.  You should stock up on some fun rewards such as stickers, small toys and even sweet treats.  If your child absolutely loves doing something then you can also use that activity as a reward system to encourage them to enjoy potty training more.