Tips for Raising a Confident Daughter

Confidence is one of the best traits that you can boost in a child. With good confidence your daughter can rise above any limitations that she may have because confidence beats looks and smarts in almost any situation.  It is however one of the hardest things to teach because some kids are born with confidence while others are naturally shy and insecure. It is never too early to start working on your daughter’s confidence.  The sooner she learns to be a confident little lady the better for her because she will make friends much easier, excel in school and sports much better and she will be a lot stronger to handle the tough world.

Tips for Raising a Confident Daughter

Give her the freedom to make decisions

The first thing mothers of daughters need to do is to stop bossing your daughter.  Yes, there are some things that should be nonnegotiable such as maintaining good manners and eating veggies.  But try to give your daughter as many decision making opportunities as possible from a young age.  For example, let a toddler choose her own clothes – even if she ends up all mismatched.  Let your kids choose and negotiate which chores they prefer and give your kids the freedom to choose their own hobbies.

Remember that praise works better than scolding

It’s so easy to forget to complement those little things your daughter does. With good praise your child will be much more eager to stick to chores and be a buzzy little helper.  Yes, it is right to correct bad behavior but never forget to complement extravagantly for good deeds.

Let her read comic books about female characters

Teach her that girls can also be tough by allowing her to read about female comic book characters.  Yes, it’s only comics but anything your daughter reads will help shape her.  Reading female comic books will teach your daughter that she doesn’t have to be a victim that she can fight for what is right and that she can help others.

Teach her about women that changed the world

There are plenty of women that did remarkable things in the world.  Mother Teresa, Marie Curie and Dr Elizabeth Blackwell are just a few examples of exceptional and strong women that helped shape the world to the better.

Show her how to be a lady

There is a big difference between being a confident girl and a confident lady.  You should also teach your daughter how to be elegant and ladylike, yet strong and confident.  Teach your daughter to love her body but you should also teach her that there is a big difference between classy and trashy.  Framing a few quotes in her wardrobe like “Quality attracts quality”, “Your dress should be tight enough to show that you are a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady” and “Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude and a lady with class” can help guide your daughter and show her better personal values that will keep her safe and make her stronger.