10 Tools Every Mom Must Own And Know How to Use

I am a single mom and during one Holiday season I received a gift of tool box containing a set of basic tools. At first, I was not too sure that I liked such a gift, but over the years, I have been extremely thankful for the same. I have used many tools from the set and each time I have thanked the gift-givers for their thoughtfulness.

So today, I wish to share my two cents worth about tools every single woman (and moms) must own and know how to use around the house for those little emergencies. This way; one need not rely upon expensive external agents to solve the same.

smiling woman with a drill

  1. Hammer

Only if you live in a rented home should you steer away from this tool. That being said; you might still need it in the garden or other outdoor areas where you have to hang or fasten stuff. Hammer is also necessary for cracking walnut shells (and even shell fish or crabs!).

  1. Screwdriver

If you can buy the cordless varieties, even better, especially if you love power tools like I do. Otherwise, anything that needs screwing is even handy with the handheld screwdriver. Naturally, you must buy the flathead and Phillips star screwdrivers, both of which are useful for tightening pot and pan handles from time to time.

  1. Wrenches

These are of different types including crescent shaped, open wrench and so on. Even the Allen hex wrench is useful in many spot applications.

  1. Saw

A saw is a very manly tool but if you are having a fireplace at home or wish to trim the excess boughs off the Christmas tree, this is the tool for you.

  1. Drills

Now, you can choose from drills or power drills. The latter is basic electronic tool everyone needs to keep. If possible, moms staying alone might also consider keeping voltage drop calculator.

  1. Paint brushes

You will not need this tool often, but it is certainly good to have. I keep brushes made from natural and synthetic bristles and use them once in a while to paint walls or trims.

  1. Basic plumber tools

The sink gets clogged every once in a while and a plumber would charge a huge amount to get that fixed. I keep a plunger to unclog the mess and then follow that up with baking soda and some warm water to remove and clean remaining mess. That apart, plumbers’ pliers, open wrench and pipe and basin wrenches are also required for the bigger jobs. I naturally stay away from the bigger jobs and enlist my dad’s help for those bigger issues. One certainly does not want a bigger mess resulting from a DIY project!

  1. Tools for the car

Battery charger or jumper cables are essential tools for the car. I also keep a basic tool kit with screwdrivers, knife, scissors, and wire cutters.

  1. Tape measure

We often think we do not need one, but a tape measure is useful in measuring the tablecloth, the windows when you need new curtains, or even when shopping for new garments, or putting up pictures on the walls.

  1. Assortment of nails and screws

Many stores sell packets of screws and nails and these are very handy for small home improvements around the home. Nails and screws are also needed for hanging up new pictures, fixing old things and so on.

Also keep solvents, super glues and sealing tapes for minor repairs. These are the basic tools every single woman must have on hand at home.

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