Tower Fans

Tower fans can be a blessing on those scorching summer days when even talking seems like a waste of energy. It can easily cool the areas where your air conditioner doesn’t seem to reach and take up minimal space. You can choose the size and shape that you think will be perfect for your home. There are endless brands, shapes, and sizes to choose from, so you will certainly find the perfect match to keep you cool on those sweltering hot summer days. Below are some of the best tower fans made to date. For more information visit

different types tower fans

Lasko 4820 Xtra Air Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer

This fan has been recommended by customers for its good performance. The fan has a maximum speed of 867 CFM, and customers have been quite satisfied with its performance in comparison to the cheaper models. Customers have testified to feeling refreshed because of the wind from this tower fan. The speed is adequate enough to cool an entire room, and the best part of it, it is actually quiet. For something that is affordable and not too expensive, it provides a satisfactory service and has few flaws.

Some customers have complained, however, about how it stopped working after a year. That said, you must remember that this fan is on the cheap side and that it has been reported to have worked for more than 2 years for some other people.

Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan with Noise Reduction Technology

A highly recommended tower fan, it is smart looking and will be a pleasing addition to your home. It has 3 speed changing options and comes with a remote. For something that looks so sleek, it’s actually not as expensive and comes in a moderate price range. Its dimensions are no different from other tower fans, which makes it easy to fit anywhere in the house. The fan is very powerful and extremely quiet in comparison to other fans, and it is known for having quite a long lifespan.

Perhaps the only con this tower fan has is the lack of an ionizer. One of the best things about this fan is perhaps its customer service. If anything goes wrong with it or it needs replacement, the job is taken care of quickly and their employees are polite as well, providing you with a satisfactory service.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Known as the best tower fan in the market, it looks attractive, is safe and is quiet. It is more expensive in comparison to other tower fans, but you are guaranteed to receive the best service for the best price. The blades of this fan are inaccessible and rotate within the base. If you have children or pets, this is the safest fan to have. It is also extremely easy to clean and is known as the quietest fan, effectively reducing noise consumption.

Bottom Line

Tower fans are a blessing during summer days, and since they aren’t too large, they can easily fit in one corner of your room to effectively cool it, making them a must for every household.


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