Trick Photography May, In Fact, Do the Trick

trick photography


It is especially difficult for a mother to make ends meet when bringing up a family on her own. This challenge is not due to the fault of the young mother, but due to extenuating circumstances.

The extenuating circumstances could range anywhere from being widowed to working a daytime job that does not pay a wage that is competitive or at a fair wage. Consequently, the working mom needs to supplement her income to provide for her family.

This can be done in a number of ways. However, it is important to earn an additional income that will not take the devoted mother out of the house while the children are there. Also, in order to add to the income stream a “twist” needs to be incorporated.

Such a twist is trick photography.

Therefore, knowing what is this type of photography and how it can be learned and employed maybe of value.

Trick photography is a process in which a regular photograph or a digital photograph is modified to create something amazing. For example, one technique of creating something that can be defined as trick photography is the combination of a multitude of photographs taken and merged into one photo.

This particular technique is called high dynamic range with HDR being explained as the variance between the dark and lighter aspects of the photo. Generally, the lower end of the dynamic range is darker with the hiring of the dynamic level being lighter. When these several photos are superimposed upon each other the photo appears to be equally displayed and will provide significant detail about the object being photographed that is not normally indicated as viewed in a untouched photo.

Another trick photography technique could be the photography of an item being photographed at a longer than normal exposure. The value of this technique is that the long exposure of an item being photographed creates a moving or extension of the item being photographed. For example, if an individual decides to photograph fireworks at a longer than normal exposure setting, it creates a spreading out of the fireworks display or the photographing of the item over an extended period of time which adds to the photos impressiveness.

Another powerful technique in taking photographs with a unique twist is by using candlelight. With this type of photography it is important to push the ISO above 1600. ISO is a measurement of how sensitive the film is too light. Consequently, the only light that is being used to create the exposure is through the use of candlelight.

If interested in trick photography there are a number of ways that various techniques and processes can be learned. The individual can sign up for classes or download books that will outline various processes and provide step-by-step dramatizations of how to effectively create photographs using trick photography.

In addition, if the individual is interested in computer software and wants to devote more time into creating trick photography they can purchase various software programs that can help them with this process. One particular powerful software program is Photoshop.

The benefit of using trick photography for the industrious woman is that not only will it help them learn a new skill, but may be useful in helping them raise more money for their household and provide a steady stream of income.











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