Useful advice on how to improve your voice overs

Whether you run your own business or you are simply creating a fun video or art piece for your own enjoyment, the tone of voice is a very important aspect of the process. You don’t want the voice to throw off the entire piece if it is not clear and effective. Some people do not like speaking in voice overs, so you have the option to hire from thousands and thousands of freelancers, choosing your desired tone of voice and accents along the way. You should always use a reputable source to find the best voice over casting websites. However, many people will prefer to do the work on their own or they simply cannot afford to hire a voice over artist. Therefore, you can do the voice over yourself, keeping a few useful tips in mind. Once you have put in the practice, there is no reason why you cannot be a top quality voice over artist. Here is some advice that will help you along the way.

Useful advice on how to improve your voice overs

Speak very clearly

While this may seem like a very straightforward and basic piece of advice, you would be surprised at how many voice overs are muttered and unclear as people try to rush through them in order to get them finished. The speed of voice is never the important part of the voice over, it is the clarity of the speech that holds upmost importance. The listener needs to easily hear and understand every single word, otherwise you may have lost them completely and not get your message across effectively. Make sure that you practice yourself using complete pronunciation and elocution. While you may feel that you are going a bit over the top at first, this will train your mouth to speak in a clear and compelling fashion when it comes to recording the final voice over.

Always speak with full confidence

It is very easy to become underwhelmed and disappointed when you are listening to a voice over that is lacklustre and projects no confidence or passion. You need to appeal to people’s senses and emotions when doing a voice over, rather than simply going through the script as fast as possible. Make sure that you always stand up straight with your chest puffed out and your face facing up when you are doing a voice over. This will allow you to project your voice and to open up your airways, allowing you to achieve a better cadence throughout the entire voice over.

Always mean what you are saying

As outlined above, it is vitally important that you use the voice over as a further opportunity to win over your listener, in terms of emotions and passion stakes. While it is all well and good speaking with confidence, if you don’t speak with passion, the voice over will still be lacklustre. You want to create a connection between the material that you are reading and the audience that you are targeting.

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