Wedding Tips: Dressing the Bride’s Mom

When it comes to planning a wedding, we know that finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the first and foremost things that brides must decide. And I believe that now, you’re already busy shopping for that perfect dress for your special day, right? Well, that’s great! But while you’re busy looking for wedding dress, have you thought about what your mom would wear on your big day?

Weddings are a beautiful event celebrated with families and friends. Although they don’ want to steal the spotlight from you, your guests, particularly your mom, would also want to look pretty on your big day. So, once you choose your gown, I believe you would want to help your mom find her perfect dress, too. If you don’t have any idea, though, fret not. The following are some tips on how brides could help their moms find their perfect wedding dresses!

bride's mom

Encourage her to shop early.

One of the common mistakes of mothers when it comes to planning a wedding is they shop for dress in the last few weeks before the wedding. They don’t realize that it could take months to order a dress and get the alterations they need. As the bride, you should encourage your mom to order her dress as early as possible to make sure that the dress fits perfectly well, and if it doesn’t, there’s still plenty of time to fix it. Also tell her that it’s okay for her to look for mother’s dresses even if you, the bride, haven’t selected your gown yet.

Help her to find the right wedding dress.

Sometimes, moms tend to put themselves last because in reality, they don’t know what to do when it comes to choosing what to wear and making themselves presentable. Most moms get pressured because of the fact that they no longer have the same body as before.  Since you’re the daughter and the one with knowledge of the latest fashion, help her to find that perfect dress to wear on your special day. One way is to look through bridal magazines and websites. You can also visit a few wedding boutiques near your place.

Ask her what she wants.

Even though you have a wedding motif, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your mom’s dress should match the color of your wedding theme. Ask her what design and color of dresses is she comfortable wearing. This will not only make her feel good and beautiful, but it will also allow her to enjoy more of your special day. Let her pick the color of choice that she wants, but of course, it’s also crucial to guide her choices. You mom can definitely wear any color that she wants as long as it’s complementary with bridesmaid dresses and your wedding palette.

While weddings are usually focused on the bride and groom, it’s also an important event for parents, too! Spending some time with your parents, especially your mom, during the planning process can be a great experience that you can treasure for a lifetime.

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