What Is a Geiger counter And Where Do You Find One?

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest journeys and learning schools that any woman starts out upon.  Right from the first moment you start trying for a child, you start learning.  The first lesson is learning about the best ways to conceive, followed by everything pregnancy that you never even knew could be possible.  But when your child is born the real learning begins – and it never ends.  Once your child starts to talk you will constantly be bombarded with the strangest questions about things you never even gave a second thought about.  One of these strange questions that you will probably hear from your science loving child is about a Geiger counter.

What Is a Geiger counter And Where Do You Find One?

What is a Geiger counter?

Geiger counters are also known as radiation counters or radiation inspection devices.  It is a smallish device that picks up ionizing radiation particles in objects.  You can use a Geiger counter to check for radiation in any object such as food, granite counters or just about any other objects to see if the objects or food items holds any danger of radiation poisoning in them.

Why radiation poisoning is dangerous?

Radiation poisoning is terrible for people.  Getting in direct contact with an object that has a high radiation level can burn your flesh and cause instant death.  Those who are exposed to objects with low levels of radiation can also develop cancer and babies born from mothers with radiation poisoning are often deformed.

Is radiation poisoning a treat to moms?

Radiation is not something commonly found.  In our modern world you will find radio-active waist in laboratories or large chemical factories but most factories are forced to deal with any radio-active waist and other toxic waste as safely as possible to ensure they do not contaminate the world and water sources.  Your biggest chances of coming in contact with radioactive items is when a nuclear power plant malfunctions, in the processing of granite counter tops and in rare cases in rock collections.  X-rays does also contain a form of radio activity although modern x-rays are completely safe to use on just about anyone including infants.

Where to get a Geiger counter?

You probably won’t need a Geiger counter since the likelihood of something in and around your house to be radioactive is very unlikely.  The only people in modern life who use these counters work in laboratories, with the manufacturing of granite, in mines and sometimes in the manufacturing of chemical products.  There are, however those who collect Geiger counters and your little explorer will love to experiment with a Geiger counter while he or she learns all those fun facts about science.  Radiation testers or Geiger counters can be bought freely on the internet by anyone from anywhere and you can get it shipped right to your doorstep.

Check for ghosts

One of the most fun reasons why your child might want a Geiger counter is to check for ghosts around your property or old buildings since many ghost hunters use these devices to pick up frequencies that they claim to be proof of the existence of ghosts.  Your little one and his or her friends will have a blast while ghost hunting and will learn a ton about the world and all of the strange things that happen in our world.