What to Do When a Consumer Product Is Making Your Child Sick

It can be tough to choose the right products for your child when there are so many brands out there and when children are so prone to allergies when it comes to certain ingredients in products.  But every mom and every child has a right to safety when it comes to consumer products and all companies should test their products before distributing them to the market to ensure that their clients are ultimately safe.  If you as a mom find a product that is affecting the health of children then you should speak up and do everything you can to get these harmful products off the market to help ensure the safety of other children.

Get a doctors opinion

The only thing you as a mom can do when it comes to allergies is to switch products.  There is no way you can hold a company liable for allergies simply because there is nothing that can be done when your child is allergic to a product.  But if a product is poisoning your child you should try to get it off the market.  The first step is to seek the advice of a doctor who can do tests on your child to see if he or she has in fact been affected by the product.  The next step is to get a second opinion from a second or third doctor to ensure that the diagnosis is correct and to establish if the product is in fact harmful.

What to Do When a Consumer Product Is Making Your Child Sick

Find out if there is a problem with the product

Laboratory results for the ingredients in a product is a terrific way of concluding whether the company is using toxic or untested ingredients in a product. You should also try to find out from other mothers who have tested the product to see if they also had the same negative side effects.

Notify the company

If the laboratory results are positive for illegal or toxic substances and if you can find proof that it is not just your child who is suffering from the product then it is time to contact the manufacturing company and inform them of the problem.  Most good companies will have no problem in reimbursing you for any damage that their products are causing and will withdraw toxic products from the market.

Seek compensation from stubborn companies

If a company refuses to acknowledge that their product is harmful then it is time to seek professional help.  Martin Chitwood is an attorney who has 25 years’ experience in consumer rights and consumer litigation cases.  When you seek the help of Martin Chitwood or his firm; Chitwood Harley Harnes LLP, you are sure to get the product off the market and you will stand a much better chance of being compensated for any damages that the product might have done to your family and especially to your child and his or her health.  Seeking assistance from a professional attorney is a must because it is the best way to proof that the consumer products are in fact toxic and you as a mother can keep other children safe and sound and protect them from the dangers that your child have faced.