Why Busy Moms Must Make Time for Annual Checkups

When you’re a busy, single mom, it is easy to put your needs on the backburner. You always put your kids first and use the rest of your time to manage your workload and other obligations. However, neglecting your health is a surefire way to run into trouble down the road. If you don’t keep up with your annual medical checkups, you may miss the chance to catch certain issues early, making them harder to beat once they are discovered.

If you aren’t convinced on why busy moms need to make time for their annual checkups, here are just a few reasons.

Why Busy Moms Must Make Time for Annual Checkups

Establish Baselines

Even if you are healthy, the information gathered in an annual checkup is helpful. Various screenings and tests, such as those provided through services like True Health Diagnostics, can establish baselines regarding your current condition. For example, knowing your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and other health metrics gives medical professionals an understanding of where things reside when you are healthy. That way, if these numbers begin to change over time, they can help you adjust your habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Identify Concerns Before They Become Problems

Many health conditions don’t appear overnight. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other issues often have warning signs that present well before symptoms are obvious. For example, if your blood tests suggest that you are pre-diabetic, there is still time to keep it from becoming full-blown type 2 diabetes. When a doctor sees an issue on the horizon, they can work with you to identify causes and choose solutions before any lasting damage is done.

Additionally, certain cancer screenings are often part of annual physicals. For example, tests for cervical cancer are often performed during regular checkups, as well as breast cancer screenings. Survival rates for many types of cancer are higher when they are caught early, making your annual physical more important than ever.


Many adults forget that they still need their shots. Tetanus shots are recommended every 10 years, and immunizations for conditions like pneumococcal pneumonia, hepatitis, and shingles may be recommended, depending on age and current health. Additionally, an annual flu vaccine is recommended for anyone whose health does not preclude them from receiving it.

Updated Health and Treatment Advice

Whether you are in good health or treating a chronic condition, coming if for your annual exam gives your doctor an opportunity to review your file and make sure everything is on course. New medical discoveries and standards are regularly determined. This means that the health advice you received a few years ago may no longer be considered the best.

This is especially true for chronic conditions where better treatment options may have come available since your last course of treatment was chosen. There may be an option that can get you better results, result in fewer side effects, or both. Your checkup is a great time to touch base and make sure that there aren’t other options available that may work better for you and your goals.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to make the time to do to your annual medical checkups. Failing to do so can put your health at risk, and your children need you to be as healthy as possible while they grow up. So, the next time you schedule a checkup for your kids, consider making one for yourself.