Why Every Mom Should Consider a Medical Career

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew more about medical treatments so you could care better for your family? In the past there were only two ways you could get into the medical field. One way was if you were lucky enough to land a government scholarship. You would study what they assigned you for, at firms they located you at. The second option was if your family was wealthy enough to cover the expensive tertiary fees and support you financially while you get your degree. Now you pursued a medical career and enjoy free CNA classes online.


What does a CNA do?

CNA or Certified Nursing Assistants work alongside professional doctors, nurses and surgeons in a medical facility. They help care for the sickly, injured and frail and they also assist nurses and other medical professionals with general duties.

What is the difference between a CNA and a Nurse?

A nurse has a higher qualification than a CNA. They also enjoy a higher salary and a higher level of authority in medical fields. Becoming a CNA is a great way to start your medical career and earn a salary while you study to become a registered nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse or try to study for a more professional medical career.

Steps an online CNA course entail

  • First you will have to find a course to enroll in. There are a lot of online courses that provide CNA training. There are also a lot of these courses that charge for the course or that aren’t accredited enough to provide you with certification. Watch out for scammers when trying to find an online education firm.
  • Once you have decided on the online course you can start studying. The courses usually take between 4 – 6 weeks depending on the time you are able to spend and on the firm you enrolled with.
  • You will also have to complete 40 hours of clinical training where you will be supervised by a registered and experienced nurse.
  • Once you have completed the course you will have to take a CNA licensed exam that is provided and approved by the state.
  • When you pass your exam you can start looking for a career as a CNA.

Where to find a job?

CNA’s are high in demand and in all medical clinics, hospitals and frail care units. You are very likely to get a job quite easily once you have obtained your CNA qualification.

Your career does not have to end at a nursing assistant level. You can also attempt a higher education as a professional nurse or perhaps even follow a career as a doctor or surgeon.   Once you have a foothold in the medical field the possibilities for you are endless. You can live a rewarding life and can learn to take great care of your family. Becoming a nurse or medical practitioner is a great inspiration to your children and will expose them to all the possible medical careers they can follow.

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