Why Every Work from Home Mom Should Have a Baby Swing

It is always ideal to keep your baby with you for at least the first year, especially if your little one is breastfeeding.  A lot of moms work from home to accommodate their tiny babies so they can have the best possible care. But caring for your little one while you try to earn a living from home is quite tough.  Babies can take a lot of time.  I mean seriously a lot of time.  They are constantly changing their daily habits.  During growth spurts they will mostly sleep an only wake for feeding.  Other times they will want to drink every two hours and can be cranky and moody for a great deal of the day which gives you almost no time to get anything else done.  A baby swing can help you survive difficult days much easier so you can still be profitable while nursing your little one.

Why Every Work from Home Mom Should Have a Baby Swing

Great for babies with colic

Colic babies are tough… Colic is still one of the biggest medical mysteries when it comes to babies.  A colic baby can cry for hours on end even though they are fed, dry and healthy.  There is no real medical reason why they cry and the medications for colic is often does very little to calm them down.  Colic babies love to be rocked.  The motion helps them deal with craps and pain and soothes them during these though times and this is exactly where a baby swing can help moms out.  You cannot rock your baby all the time.  If you do you will never get any sleep and you will certainly never get any work done.  An automatic baby swing will rock your baby for you so he or she will be relieved of pain.

You can work while your little one gets rocked

The baby swings are fantastic for getting work done.  You can move it close to your desk where you can still keep an eye on your baby and so your little one won’t feel alone.  The swing will rock your baby while you get some work done.

Sleep while the swing soothes baby

Babies love to be rocked and they sleep a lot better when they are rocked.  If your little one is extremely fussy during night or naptime you can use the baby swing to soothe them to sleep.

Get the best baby swings here

Baby Swing Centre offers reviews on all of the best baby swings on the market.  You can have a look at some basic manual swings or you can read up all about the electrically powered swings that automatically rocks your baby for you.

Remember to alternate

Babies needs frequent rotation, stimulation and alteration.  You cannot leave your baby in a baby swing all the time.  Their heads will grow flat on the back and their development will slow down since they aren’t getting enough tummy time and aren’t able to move around enough.  You should alternate between the baby swing, a play mat, stroller, cot and personal contact frequently.