Why moms should consider incorporating smart casual in their wardrobe

Gone are the days when the term casual clothing was used to refer to grungy clothes only worn on the weekends. However, there has been a change in attitude concerning casual dressing. As a result, moms should get bold in choosing smart casual as a way of stepping out for dinner or attending other informal occasions.

Moms should thus embrace the opportunity presented by Kent and Lime. There is no need of getting more official or having sleepless nights wondering which suit to wear for dinner or going for office on Friday’s. Besides, smart casual are available that suit every occasion on call. Thus, moms should get more creative, and consider the following steps whenever you want to choose what to wear.

Why moms should consider incorporating smart casual in their wardrobe

Step No 1: Getting the facts right about an occasion

Since smart casual has eventually taken the wardrobe of nearly every modern mom, it is imperative to get the basics correct about the event you are attending.

  • Depending on the level of formality the occasion and the prevailing weather conditions, you could choose to get a casual coat. Blazers will always add a touch of class and seriousness to your look.
  • The second thing to consider is the choice of shoes. As a smart modern mom get yourself a comfortable shoe for an even. Such a choice could range from high heels to leather flat shoes depending on your taste and comfort.
  • Though shirts have long been judged as a male outfit. Modern fashion and casual wear always favor quality shirts for that modern lady look. However, avoid choosing very formal shirts as they will break the intended purpose of a casual appearance.
  • For the trousers, get more comfortable and flexible with color and the type of trouser you choose for the occasion. However, while choosing on all the attires, it is important to choose a comfortable cloth that makes you comfortable to boost your esteem. If you fail to make the right choice on these, would lead to unnecessary attention.

Step No 2: Moms should always review the occasion beforehand

Step two give moms the power to choose the level of smart casual. For instance, if you are attending a ladies meeting at the fitness center in your neighborhood, you do not have to participate in the meeting looking all rugged, get yourself a nice pair of trousers, fitting shirt or polo t-shirt, shoes, and probably cap. Such, an appearance not only boosts your esteem but class in the neighborhood.

Finally, always think about the crowd you will interact with. Think of the expected level of professionalism, the role you will play, and what your expectations of the occasion are.

Step No 3: Dressing up or down considering items of clothing

Do not overdress or underdress for an event all in the name of smart casual. For instance, choosing to match the color of all your attire could get you mistaken for the best lady in a wedding. Thus, always get wild with the choice of clothes, by ensuring you are not limited in your choice of color and clothing.

Nonetheless, always keep in mind that you have an image to create and protect. Hence, always wear clothes that are not too leveling. Otherwise, people might end up mistaking you for what you are not.

Step No 4: Customizing your look

At this point of your decision-making process on the smart casual choice of clothing. Always show the world your true image. For instance, if you are a hands-on person, do not be afraid of folding your sleeves and stepping out like the workaholic person you’re. Nothing can be compared to distinctiveness and a confident appearance.

Consequently, customize your items of choice to ensure they reveal the person you are. Do not get to guess work while dressing up for an occasion, moms deserve respect and the most stunning look, thus get your items right and customize them to ensure they communicate the right message.