Your Personal Hygiene As A Busy Mom

You may be so busy taking care of everyone else that you sometimes forget to take care of yourself. Perhaps you have already bathed all of your children but when was the last time that you took a shower? There may be days when you just want to go to sleep instead of taking a bath. It does not mean that just because you are a mom, you would forget about your personal hygiene.

Take a look at your underarms and smell them. Do you stink? If you do stink, then you know that you have to clean yourself up at the soonest possible time. If you still have some unwanted hair on your underarm and some of your body parts, you can still get rid of them with the use of body groomers.

Your Personal Hygiene As A Busy Mom

There are still other small changes that you can make so that you can improve on your personal hygiene even if you are busy:

  1. Use baby wipes.

Do you know that there are a lot of people who use baby wipes in order to remove the makeup from their faces? This is something that you can do as well. If you are full of sweat and you do not feel fresh anymore, you can make use of baby wipes to get rid of your feeling. It will be like using a wash cloth and it will be enough to refresh you for a few hours or so until you take a shower.

  1. The talcum powder that you use on your baby can do wonders.

You make use of your talcum powder on your baby’s bum to avoid getting rashes because of the diaper but you can also make use of the talcum powder on yourself so that you will not smell. You have to place talcum powder on your underarms, feet and even your arms. The talcum powder that is available right now is different from the ones that are available before because there are already different scents available.

  1. Have mints inside your bag.

There may be days when you do not have time to go to the bathroom and brush your teeth and you can use breath mints so that your breath will not smell. This does not mean however that you are going to forego brushing your teeth. You have to brush your teeth twice or thrice a day depending on the recommendation of your dentist.

  1. Take time to put on makeup.

You may think that just because you are a mom it is already expected that you will look like a mom. This is not true at all. When you put on makeup, you are showing not only yourself but to the rest of the world that you are improving your appearance. You are taking time to get rid of your wrinkles and you are hiding your blemishes. You have to look fresh all the time and you deserve it.

Remember that being a mom should not stop you from paying attention to yourself. You may learn more about that here. Make these small changes mentioned above and your personal hygiene will surely improve.