How Busy Moms Can Start a Home Garden

While many moms are aware of the potential benefits associated with maintaining a home garden for growing fresh produce, it can seem like a daunting task to those who have never started a garden before.  In order to speed up the process of getting started, consider the following tips to get your moving in the right direction.

Pick the Right Spot

Most garden vegetables will require a certain amount of direct sunlight in order to thrive, as well as a certain amount of space in which to grow.  Before determining precisely what you will grow, examine your yard over the course of a sunny day or two to identify which areas receive a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight.

Once that area is identified, stake out the approximate size of the garden you would like to plant and measure the area to determine how many one foot by one foot sections it contains.  Use the sections as a guide when planning which vegetables to grow and where to place them.

How Busy Moms Can Start a Home Garden

Boost the Soil

Unless you are blessed with particularly fertile soil, you may need to boost the nutrient content in order to improve the quality of your harvest.  A simple way to up the amount of organic matter that will help promote growth is to add compost.

Compost can be purchased, but it is also easy to create using various food scraps and other materials from your home.  Not only can this help keep long-term costs low, it can also limit the amount of waste going to landfills and may even save you money on your garbage bill.

If you are looking to purchase a compost bin online, check out the geobin compost bin.  It provides all of the resources you will need to help get you started.

Once you have compost, you can begin tilling the soil to help loosen it and remove any plants currently growing in the area.  As you progress, you can work fresh compost into the soil as you till it, providing a nice layer of freshly tilled soil for planting.

Pick the Right Plants

The number of vegetable plants that are available for home gardens can be overwhelming.  When starting your garden, especially if you have a limited amount of space, stick to those that you know your family will get significant use from while considering what will work best for your climate or region.

Additionally, factor in the maintenance requirements for each plant and choose those that fit into your current lifestyle.  By focusing on plants that you can successfully manage without a significant shift in the amount of time you must dedicate to them, the more likely you will be able to work with them at the level required for the best yields.

If you are looking to get started quickly, choose plants that have already been started instead of using seeds.  Most started plants in retail stores will come with small cards that describe their care needs as well as their ideal environment, anticipated size at full growth, and certain other pertinent information.  Use this as a guide when choosing between varieties, as you can often find versions that are designed to grow smaller if you are working with a small space, as well as improved temperature tolerances and even disease resistance.

Top Tips for New Moms

You might have gone through a hundred books and some two hundred guides about being a mother for the first time; going through labor, taking care of your newborn baby, the do’s and don’ts of motherhood and what not. Regardless of what you might or might not have read, here are some interesting and useful tips for all the new moms out there!

Top Tips for New Moms

  1. Hire some help! You have family and companions that genuinely do mean well. It is best that you serve in the part of the director and speak the truth about what you need/might want to have done. Make a rundown of errands that must be carried out throughout the following couple of weeks and match these up with the aptitudes of your volunteers. Whether it is folding garments, getting staple goods, amusing the two-year-old, running notes to say thanks to the mail station – ASK! This enables you to relax and to spend more time with your baby. It likewise gives those that think about you the chance to feel as though they are contributing something useful…and they are!
  2. Keep dinners basic. We know – it sounds simple. You trust that you are home now on maternity leave and have this “extra time” throwing together a gourmet feast to celebrate would be sufficiently basic. Nope! Now is not the right time to get yourself busy in the kitchen. Plus, you would feel horrendous in the event that you had invested hours setting up a feast and after that went out and missed the broiler clock going off in the wake of missing yet one more night’s rest!
  1. Rest with the baby! This is one of those guidelines that we can’t push enough! Yes, we’re mindful that there is clothing to be done, dishes that ought to be washed, and cleaning to do. Prepare to be blown away. It can all wait! Everything will go around much more smoothly and easier if you are well-rested and the only way to do that is to match your rest timing along with those of your infant’s. As for dealing with the clothes, you can purchase a garment steamer to save some serious time! Check out these Top 10 garment steamers and take your pick!
  2. Have minimum guests. This can be critical for those initial couple of weeks at home and is likewise frequently to the greatest advantage of your child’s wellbeing. Absolutely you are restless to flaunt your new bundle of joy, however there will be time. A decent approach is to let everybody know a date after which you will be able to cater to your guests in an easy manner. It is alright in the event that they oppose this idea. This time if for YOU!
  3. Do something special for yourself! Some days you might feel blue. Everybody around you is by all accounts going ahead with their life while you battle to discover time to go to the washroom! Who realized that a small baby could confuse you? Immerse yourself in a hot tub and just relax. Things will work out eventually.

Why Moms Should Consider Becoming a Travel Agent on the Sideline

Most moms are looking for a way to earn some extra cash on the sideline so they can cover added expenses, afford more holiday breaks or crawl out of debt.  And thanks to the internet and the availability of freelance jobs, most moms are making a terrific success out of their sideline businesses or sideline jobs.  One of the best jobs that moms should consider starting on the sideline is a freelance home based travel agent job.  You can use your free time to plan trips business men and women, large corporate firms, sports teams and holiday enthusiasts and earn a terrific extra income from commission or perhaps even go and see the world for yourself by escorting some of your groups on the trips.

How to Become a Travel Agent

Top reasons to become a freelance travel agent

There are plenty of terrific reasons why you should give this exciting sideline job a try but the top three reasons are;

Earn extra money – You can earn a lot of extra cash by spending a few extra hours a day on planning trips for others.

Go from travel agent to travel agency – If you can make a success out of being travel agent then you can probably make a huge success out of turning your travel job into a travel company.  By starting out as a travel agent you will gain valuable experience and make some terrific contacts for your company.

Spend more time with your children – A job as a travel agent is a great backup for in case you lose your job and if you can turn your job into a company you can start working from home permanently and be there for your children whenever they are ill or whenever they are in need of a bit of extra time.

How to get started

Get qualified – Qualifications aren’t compulsory for any freelance job these days but is a must if you want to be successful because you will know the right steps to take towards planning trips and you will be more accredited so more clients will be willing to hire you.

Get experienced – Working in a traveling agency is a terrific way to learn how to plan foreign trips and how to make arrangements for others.  You will also learn how to find the best discounted rates for accommodation and more.

Make contacts – Your contacts is what is going to be making the difference between making good commission and making a loss on the trips.  One of the best contacts that you can check out right now for starting out as a travel agent is  On DiscountMyFlights you can locate all of the cheapest flights on all of the best airlines, make small or bulk bookings and calculate your client’s travel prices easily and comfortably. DiscountMyFlights has destinations all over the world and is an absolute must if you want to make a success out of your sideline job.  You should also get accounted with all of the best transportation agencies, accommodation companies and more so you can get the best discounts and make a greater profit out of each and every trip you plan.

Start marketing yourself – Marketing is key when it comes to becoming a successful travel agent.  You can market your skills at large firms and to the public so you can get as many clients as possible.

How Moms Can Talk to Their Children About Drugs

A few studies uncover that children who feel great conversing with their parents about their emotions and concerns will probably stay free from drugs and over-usage of alcohol. As a mother, you must be concerned about your children who are in the growing phase. It is very important that you should talk to your children about drugs, their prevention and their harmful effects.

How Moms Can Talk to Their Children About Drugs

Here are a few tips for discussing drugs and liquor with your children:

  1. Talk to them according to their age. Straightforward data repeated on significant events ought to get the message crosswise over about the perils of drugs and liquor. For instance, if your seven-year-old is eating some organic product, you may chat with them about how the natural product is useful and solid for their body. Discuss different things that are great and beneficial as well. At that point move into discussing things that a few people do that are bad for their body like smoking or taking unwanted drugs. At the point when drug terms are uncovered in the media or in discussions, for instance cocaine, weed and hash, inquire as to whether they comprehend what it is or what it implies. Let them know they are addictive drugs that damage our bodies seriously. In the event that they request more data offer it to them. Tell them what Oz Drug Test Kits are and how they are useful for testing purposes. The more established your kids get, the more data they may look for. Guarantee you are up and coming with drug road names and how they influence our body so you can give them the right data. We don’t generally know every one of the answers however the more truths we can let them know right off the bat, without terrifying them, the more attentive they will be.
  1. Demonstrate your family values. Enlighten your children how you feel concerning drug use and consumption of alcohol and what is adequate in your family. For instance, “In our family we don’t concur with taking any drugs unless mum, father or the specialist says they should be taken. It is unsafe to offer it to yourself so our standard is intense. A few people have committed errors in taking an excessive number of drugs and they have turned out to be extremely damaged and some have passed away” or “In our family we don’t drink liquor until we are a grown-up. It is awful for your body. You can have it once you are grown up”. Answer any inquiries that emerge.
  2. Reinforce messages. At whatever point a suitable time emerges or you start a discussion about drugs, repeat the outcomes and results of drugs. Be honest and answer questions patiently.
  3. Trust your children. Give your children the chance to make the best decision. On the off chance that they break your guidelines, then talk to them accordingly. Appreciate them when they are dependable and mindful and let them know you know you can believe them. Instruct and disclose to your children your qualities, norms and principles and after that trust them to settle on the right choices.

How Moms Can Seek Justice for Scamming Shareholding Firms

The average salary is hardly enough for any parent to get by these days and is usually not enough to provide for retirement, luxuries and adventures for your kids.  Most parents will try to gain a bit of extra by either starting a sideline business or by investing in shares on the sideline.  Investing in shares can create a terrific extra income for you one day but it is also quite risky because you never know which firms to trust and often when you do find a good and profiting shareholding firm the firm will try to scam you out of your investment by giving faulty or poor reasons to delay or refuse payouts when it is time to cash in on your investment.  Here are the top ways to get your investment back from scamming shareholding firms.

How Moms Can Seek Justice for Scamming Shareholding Firms

Try to get your investment back yourself

Lawyers are expensive and you won’t know for sure that you are in fact scammed by the shareholding firm until you have tried everything to get your investment back.  You should always try to see how far you can push things on your own.

Phone them – The first step is to phone them and to hear what their problem is regarding the payout of your investment.  The problem might just be that an employee is not doing their part.  Try to talk to management to see if you could get the problem solved on your own.

Email them – Email is the best way to contacting a firm because you will have proof of any conversations that took place during the transactions and the reimbursement process.

Use social media against them – If a company refuses to make contact with you, answer your phone calls or return your emails then you can always try to get a response from them by making your claim plain and simple on their social media page.  Most shareholding companies will strive to get any query on their page solved as quickly as possible so they can avoid a bad reputation.

When and why you should seek professional help

If you still cannot get a response, a worthy answer or payout for your investment then it is time to seek out professional help.  It is important to do everything you can to seek justice if you fall victim to a scamming company because that is the only way to keep these companies from exploiting others and it is the best way to get your investment back.

The best way to get your investment back

Seek out professional help by getting the help of an experienced attorney like Martin Chitwood.  When you have the help of Chitwood or of his firm; Chitwood, Harley, Harnes LLP you are sure to get the scamming company out of business so they will never exploit others ever again and you might just get your initial investment back as well since Martin Chitwood is known for his ability to reclaim money that was stolen or scammed from the public.  By seeking professional assistance you are much more likely to get the deserved justice and you are also protecting other moms form scamming shareholding companies.

What Is a Geiger counter And Where Do You Find One?

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest journeys and learning schools that any woman starts out upon.  Right from the first moment you start trying for a child, you start learning.  The first lesson is learning about the best ways to conceive, followed by everything pregnancy that you never even knew could be possible.  But when your child is born the real learning begins – and it never ends.  Once your child starts to talk you will constantly be bombarded with the strangest questions about things you never even gave a second thought about.  One of these strange questions that you will probably hear from your science loving child is about a Geiger counter.

What Is a Geiger counter And Where Do You Find One?

What is a Geiger counter?

Geiger counters are also known as radiation counters or radiation inspection devices.  It is a smallish device that picks up ionizing radiation particles in objects.  You can use a Geiger counter to check for radiation in any object such as food, granite counters or just about any other objects to see if the objects or food items holds any danger of radiation poisoning in them.

Why radiation poisoning is dangerous?

Radiation poisoning is terrible for people.  Getting in direct contact with an object that has a high radiation level can burn your flesh and cause instant death.  Those who are exposed to objects with low levels of radiation can also develop cancer and babies born from mothers with radiation poisoning are often deformed.

Is radiation poisoning a treat to moms?

Radiation is not something commonly found.  In our modern world you will find radio-active waist in laboratories or large chemical factories but most factories are forced to deal with any radio-active waist and other toxic waste as safely as possible to ensure they do not contaminate the world and water sources.  Your biggest chances of coming in contact with radioactive items is when a nuclear power plant malfunctions, in the processing of granite counter tops and in rare cases in rock collections.  X-rays does also contain a form of radio activity although modern x-rays are completely safe to use on just about anyone including infants.

Where to get a Geiger counter?

You probably won’t need a Geiger counter since the likelihood of something in and around your house to be radioactive is very unlikely.  The only people in modern life who use these counters work in laboratories, with the manufacturing of granite, in mines and sometimes in the manufacturing of chemical products.  There are, however those who collect Geiger counters and your little explorer will love to experiment with a Geiger counter while he or she learns all those fun facts about science.  Radiation testers or Geiger counters can be bought freely on the internet by anyone from anywhere and you can get it shipped right to your doorstep.

Check for ghosts

One of the most fun reasons why your child might want a Geiger counter is to check for ghosts around your property or old buildings since many ghost hunters use these devices to pick up frequencies that they claim to be proof of the existence of ghosts.  Your little one and his or her friends will have a blast while ghost hunting and will learn a ton about the world and all of the strange things that happen in our world.

What to Do When a Consumer Product Is Making Your Child Sick

It can be tough to choose the right products for your child when there are so many brands out there and when children are so prone to allergies when it comes to certain ingredients in products.  But every mom and every child has a right to safety when it comes to consumer products and all companies should test their products before distributing them to the market to ensure that their clients are ultimately safe.  If you as a mom find a product that is affecting the health of children then you should speak up and do everything you can to get these harmful products off the market to help ensure the safety of other children.

Get a doctors opinion

The only thing you as a mom can do when it comes to allergies is to switch products.  There is no way you can hold a company liable for allergies simply because there is nothing that can be done when your child is allergic to a product.  But if a product is poisoning your child you should try to get it off the market.  The first step is to seek the advice of a doctor who can do tests on your child to see if he or she has in fact been affected by the product.  The next step is to get a second opinion from a second or third doctor to ensure that the diagnosis is correct and to establish if the product is in fact harmful.

What to Do When a Consumer Product Is Making Your Child Sick

Find out if there is a problem with the product

Laboratory results for the ingredients in a product is a terrific way of concluding whether the company is using toxic or untested ingredients in a product. You should also try to find out from other mothers who have tested the product to see if they also had the same negative side effects.

Notify the company

If the laboratory results are positive for illegal or toxic substances and if you can find proof that it is not just your child who is suffering from the product then it is time to contact the manufacturing company and inform them of the problem.  Most good companies will have no problem in reimbursing you for any damage that their products are causing and will withdraw toxic products from the market.

Seek compensation from stubborn companies

If a company refuses to acknowledge that their product is harmful then it is time to seek professional help.  Martin Chitwood is an attorney who has 25 years’ experience in consumer rights and consumer litigation cases.  When you seek the help of Martin Chitwood or his firm; Chitwood Harley Harnes LLP, you are sure to get the product off the market and you will stand a much better chance of being compensated for any damages that the product might have done to your family and especially to your child and his or her health.  Seeking assistance from a professional attorney is a must because it is the best way to proof that the consumer products are in fact toxic and you as a mother can keep other children safe and sound and protect them from the dangers that your child have faced.

Keys to Motivation for Moms

Being a mom is the hardest, greatest, job/gift one can ever receive. However, children have a tendency to drain every last bit of energy and ambition from your very core. They are constantly in need of attention and care. And, they rarely want to help get tasks accomplished which means all the chores fall on you. So, learning how to be a motivated mom is both a goal and a struggle.

We understand how hard you work just trying to ensure children are fed, dressed and bathed. We also get the additional chores on your plate. We are well versed in the area of dish washing, laundry, housekeeping and dinner making. But, are there ways to make these tasks less burdensome and more readily accomplished?

Keys to Motivation for Moms

The key is motivation. And we’re going to show you how to hone your skills and attain the inspiration you need to make it through the daily grind. Perhaps even with a smile!

The first step to successful motivation is setting goals. Some people use a calendar or a Motivated Mom Journal. Employ whatever method is necessary for you to keep track of your goals and reach them. We suggest considering the things that are most important for each day and putting them at the top of your goal list. As you achieve each of the goals on your list you will notice a smile creep across your face.

Another great bit of advice is to simplify your expectations. You can’t possibly do everything necessary to present a squeaky clean house to your husband every day. It’s ok to employ help where necessary. If you need Professional Carpet Cleaning – Click Here. Or if you need some really excellent cleaning tips, read this. It is totally ok to delegate some of your household chores to those who are better equipped to meet your personal standards and save you time. You don’t have to be a Wonder Woman.

Do something active. Sometimes the kids just need to go somewhere. Think about the things you have accomplished already, set a time limit for your outing, and enjoy the breeze as the kids run around like lunatics. Or, take them for a hike so that you can get some exercise in too. You will always feel more motivated once you get that adrenaline pumping and those endorphins kicking in. Here are some great exercise ideas for moms.

Finally, and this may be some of the best advice you have ever received: breathe. It may seem like an odd thing to say when it comes to an article on motivation, but if you don’t take a little time for yourself, you’ll never make it through this thing called motherhood. We have a tendency to devalue what we do and the truth is, it’s a job, one that doesn’t allot for sick time, vacation and weekends. There’s no overtime pay or time off for good behavior. You must make that time, schedule it, and stick to it. Breathe!

No doubt you will need additional help in the motivation realm. Click here for some extra great ideas. Remember, set goals, simplify your expectations, get outside and breathe! These are surefire ways to increase your daily successes. And, don’t forget that it’s ok to delegate some of the dirty work to professional carpet cleaners and lawn men.

How Moms Can Save When Travelling

As a mother, there may be times when life becomes monotonous and you need a getaway. This is the time you should take to do something out of the ordinary to rejuvenate the energy for you and your family. A voyage to a welcoming travel destination may be just the thing you need. Before you blow off the idea and say that you can’t afford a vacation, take note that traveling doesn’t always have to break the bank. You’ll just need to do a bit more research and planning to take advantage of available deals and bargains.

Travelers’ Choice Destination has published a list of the most exciting places to visit in the world. You and your family could have some relaxing fun in an enchanting location. Below, we’ll show you ways to save big while experiencing a few of our favorites on the list. Smart mothers know how to get the most bang for their buck, and that doesn’t change just because you’re in a new spot.

Rome, Italy

Rome has over 3,000 years of historical artifacts, buildings, art, and culture. Vacationing in Rome is like taking a peek into a time capsule. Try not to drool while breathing in the magnificence of the vintage human craftsmanship. With fascinating street art and some of the most notable landmarks creating your backdrop, you and your family will have a lasting mental photograph of an essential place in time.

One way many travelers avoid costly tourist traps is by taking advantage of free attractions and privately run museums. Cut costs for your family by visiting some of the lesser known attractions. A bonus is that you will usually spend a lot less time waiting in line. For lodging, you have the option of staying in a quaint, budget friendly hostel. You will find them available in nearly any price range. There are plenty of reputable sites online to assist you in making a wise selection. Be sure to opt for an established location with plentiful reviews.

New York, New York

One of the most favored places to visit is right in your backyard. In many ways, New York is the cornerstone of life in America. It is also regarded as one of the most expensive places to live and visit. For this reason, many families feel that a trip to the ‘Big Apple’ is out of reach. However, with some crafty planning, you can tour the city for a fraction of the expected cost. If your family has an idea of what attractions you’d like to see in New York, you should strongly consider purchasing a tourist pass. Buying individual passes for each attraction can quickly become costly.

Everyone in New York knows that hailing a taxi is an art even locals can’t perfect. Most feel that the subway is too unsafe for tourists. Many travelers think taxis and subways are the only two ways to travel the area. You may not know that there is another option for you and your family. New York water ferries are a great choice for safe and budget friendly transportation. Along the way, your family will get some beautiful views of the world’s most notable landmarks.

New York is never lacking in things to do. There are many guided tours and museums which are donation based, meaning there’s no set amount for your family to pay. If Broadway is your destination, consider visiting mid-week and off season for steeply discounted show tickets. Also, check out reputable ticket sale sites for discounts. Buying the family tickets on the day of the show could save you up to 50 percent off prices.

Dubai, UAE

Step into a travelers’ nirvana by setting foot in one of the richest places in the world. Your family will be inspired by all the illustrious designs that decorate the skyline. The city- state lays claim to the largest building, artificial island and marina, dancing fountain, amusement park, shopping center, and the only ‘7-star’ hotel in the world. Soon, they will add the largest indoor ski resort to that flourishing list.

You would expect the experience of being surrounded by luxury to carry a hefty price tag, and it can. However, you and your family can still visit on a budget and enjoy your stay. Perhaps your family can’t afford to stay in the Burl Al Arab, buy you can stay in a 5 star hotel close by for just over $100. You can gather a lovely view of the city while getting around on the Metro train. Or perhaps, enjoy all day water taxi transportation for less than you’d pay for a fast food value meal, back at home. For not much more than that, your family can enjoy the flavorings of some superb mid-eastern food.

Just the sensation of being enclosed by such magnificent opulence may be enough to peak your satisfaction. The area is so appealing that you and your family may not want to leave. With access to several acclaimed grade schools & universities, and business incentives like tax free operation, residency begins to look like a very attractive option. The DWC Free Zone Company Formation highlights tempting incentives for business owners looking to do just that.

Other Traveling Tips for Moms

No matter where your family chooses to travel, flight and lodging will likely be your two largest expenses. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you pack your suitcases. Arriving and departing mid-week can dramatically cut down on both flight and hotel costs. Utilizing sites like may be another opportunity to save up on lodging. Your entire family may be able to crash in place just as nice as a hotel, but at a fraction of the cost. Be sure to ask questions and thoroughly read reviews for knowledge of what to expect during your stay.

Traveling to fascinating places doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You just have to do a little research and plan in advance. So the next time you have the urge to get away, bear in mind that paradise is reachable and your family won’t have to strike it rich to get there.

Cats are family members

When it comes to having a family in today’s society, it is important to instill what you consider family values in your opinion to your kids. With many things becoming trends and bandwagon morals, as a parent, you should want to teach your kid(s) everything that you think they should know from their birth until they are grown enough to make decisions on their own.

It is quite known that starting early when it comes to the brain developing is the best thing you as a mom should do for your kid(s). Today we are going to share some tips with you on why adding a cat (or multiple cats) to your family is a great move for you to make.

Cats are family members

Cats are more than just a pet… they are family members

When families have pets, they are typically looked at as a pet and nothing else. However, a cat is definitely more than just a pet; it is another kid in the house! Whether you get a small kitten that will stay the same size forever or a slightly bigger cat, the decision is yours.

Any route you take, cats are known to be playful and soothing around humans that treat them well (kids and adults). Being able to have a pet that is easy to take care of and also takes great care of itself, is an amazing addition your family and kids.

Reasons why you as a mom should get your kids a cat

As your kids grow from toddlers that can’t speak to young kids that understand their environments in addition to their actions, they will begin to do things and learn from trial and error. As a mom, one thing you should want your kids to learn is how to take care of themselves and also their siblings (no matter how apart they are age-wise). Cats are a great starting point for kids to feel some type of accountability to you, themselves, and the family overall.

Understanding the maintenance of cats health

As kids become older, they begin to understand the difference between right and wrong. Once you as a mom feel that you can trust them to take care of the cats without your supervision, it should be a celebration for the family. You should check out these cat water fountains that you, your kids, and your cats can all maintain easily without hesitation on a daily basis. In addition to the basics, it is important that you take your cat to the veterinarian on a routine basis for health checkups, shots, and vaccines.

Overall, while a cat can be looked at as just another pet, they are actually more than that if you make them. Cats are soft and moderate companions that are linked to relieving a humans stress level and anxiety on a daily basis.

As a mom, it is understandable that you may have some stressful days with maintaining the household while your husband is away. Having a cat in your home is more than just having a pet, it is your family basically having another sibling/kid to care for and protect as their own.